28 Days of
Black Designers

The Project

The 28 Days of Black Designers project is a design project that focuses on the stories and work of African American / Black designers. The black community lack stories and accomplishments of black artists. To help facilitate this need this 28-day project will allow the awareness and celebration of black designers during Black History Month (#BHM). Yes, I agree that this should be a year-long celebration but #BHM is the right marketing tool for the curation and execution of this kind of project.

Why Awareness and Celebration?

The 2016 Design Census allowed us to receive some clarity about blacks in design. Since the completion of the census, it revived that out of the 7,703 U.S. participants blacks only make up 3% of the total population who took the survey in the U.S. As designers; we should be asking what can we do to solve this problem. The first answer is always more awareness and celebration.

Developer of the Project

28 Days of Black Designers was conceived January 2017 by Saint Louis-based Designer Tim Hykes. The project will run from February 1 - 28, 2017 with the help of design friends across the country and social media.


Thank you to all of the individuals and organizations who helped collect and shape the content of the 28 Days of Black Designers project.